Ranging from health system analyses, feasibility studies and hospital master plans to strategic management consulting and financial engineering, BioDid offers a wide range of services to effectively support clients in critical management and investment decisions.


We define clinical engineering as the provision of professional engineering services to improve patient care through cost-effective management of medical technology. The objective is to help healthcare organizations to economically provide safe and effective technology for patient care throughout the entire technology life-cycle.
Imagine a healthcare support services partner that invests time and resources into patient and resident care like you do. Now imagine that same provider also engages physicians and caregivers, offering expertise and efficient service that positively impacts their day-to-day lives. That’s where we come in.

Across retail, technology, environmental and facilities, uniforms and healthcare technology management services, we share your organization's goals and deliver the best support to your patients, caregivers, equipment and facilities.

While our front-line engineers and technicians focus on driving performance at our healthcare locations, modality experts within our Clinical Engineering and Imaging Centers of Excellence are continuously monitoring trends and identifying opportunities to innovate our approach. From advanced remote monitoring technology to new preventative maintenance techniques, we ensure that your valued medical equipment is accessible and ready at the moment it’s needed.


Comprehensive, interdisciplinary planning which incorporates architects, functional experts, medical and building engineers, as well as maintenance experts, in an essential part to the sustainable development of hospital facilities. In its flexible planning approach, BioDid takes into consideration future developments and expansions.

With our scale and expertise, we can manage broad healthcare equipment inventories for any size hospital or healthcare facility. Our team can:
Reduce the costs of equipment ownership. We are able to:
  • Optimize asset performance throughout the equipment lifecycle
  • Deliver independent, evidence-based insights to support equipment planning, acquisition and integration
  • Drive patient, physician, caregiver and visitor satisfaction
Our team is an independent provider of healthcare technology management in North America, offering a variety of services like:
  • Capital asset planning and technology assessment
  • Clinical engineering and imaging equipment service solutions
  • Equipment lifecycle management
  • Flexible ancillary services including equipment distribution, device integration, and rental/mobile equipment management

Together, BioDid and its partners are more successful, resulting in a strategic advantage and increased value to your company, your offerings, and your clients. 

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