Research and Development

An Arrow Toward the Future of Innovation – Worldwide

For a company as progressive as BioDid, it is crucial to have a vision on the direction of where the most important markets are heading today. This is correct not only of sales but also of research. Innovators set new trends. And to work with these trendsetters, you are required to have boots on the ground, where these ordinary people live. BioDid currently has invested heavily in R&D at over location in Alpharetta, GA. In particular, BioDid's corporate technology central research department – sets the trend for future developments and even for tomorrow's areas of entrepreneurship. All together, BioDid operates 11 R&D projects around the country, with a total of 20 researchers, developers, and other experts. Customers in the U.S., Middle East, Canada, and Mexico are benefiting from the fruits of BioDid's innovations.

Reinventing creativity

The innovation processes of the company are much more open today. Instead of hatching ideas behind locked doors, BioDId is now collaborating with external partners, including small start-ups that have little money but good ideas. That affects the way to develop new things.

Nanotechnology Based Sensors: A Data Source for the Future of Systems

Sensor systems provide the basis for what is called a web of systems, in which devices and systems are networked with one another and are endowed with a degree of intelligence by means of software applications. Nanotechnology-enabled sensors are providing new solutions in physical, chemical, and biological sensing that enable increased detection sensitivity, specificity, multiplexing capability, and portability for a wide variety of health, safety, and environmental assessments. BioDid addresses both the opportunity of using nanotechnology to advance sensor development and the challenges of developing sensors to keep pace with the increasingly widespread use of engineered nanomaterials.

Together, BioDid and its partners are more successful, resulting in a strategic advantage and increased value to your company, your offerings, and your clients. 

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